Beagle in a Box (Shiloh’s Story)

This is a true story about Shiloh, also known by some as Beagle in a Box.  Shiloh is around 12 years old.  No one knows for sure.  He apparently was once a boy’s dog, but for some reason the boy wasn’t around anymore.  Shiloh has spent several years on a front porch on an 8 foot lead.  His only shelter was a cardboard box with a light bulb in it.  His lead barely allowed him to make it off the porch to go to the bathroom.

A couple years ago, one of our volunteers stopped and asked the owner if she could walk Shiloh because she felt sorry for him.  She walked him for a while until she was told to stop.  The owner said that now Shiloh wanted attention and would bark whenever someone walked by the house.  This situation bothered the volunteer for a long time but nothing could be done about it.  As long as a pet is given food, water, and shelter, this is viewed as acceptable by the law.  Sadly, many pets live under these conditions.

About a week ago, a vicious dog that was running loose came up on the porch and attacked Shiloh.  Since he was on a lead, he couldn’t get away.  He was torn up pretty badly.  Animal control convinced the owner that Shiloh needed vet care and if they couldn’t afford to take care of it, it would be in Shiloh’s best interest to surrender him.

Shiloh is now being taken care of!  He was taken to the vet and got quite a few stitches and drainage tubes.  He is on antibiotics and has been given needed vaccinations and tests.  Hard to believe, but he tested negative for heartworms.  Paw Pals already has over $750.00 invested in Shiloh.  He will have several follow up vet visits until he is healed.

Shiloh is now in a foster home and is being shown love and attention.  For the first time in his life, he is able to roam around a large back yard without a chain or tie out.  He now has the life he should have had all along and hopefully he can find a forever home to finish out his final years.

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