Bomber is a very sweet, neutered, Border Collie mix who was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. Bomber’s back was very sensitive, and he didn’t like it to be touched. After seeing a veterinarian, a horrible, untreated abscess was discovered. The abscess took up more than half of his back.  He has already gone through an hour and a half long surgery to try to suture his back together.  However, the infection is down to the muscle tissue, so more surgery is possibly needed.  Not enough healthy tissue remained to cover the entire wound.  He will need to see the vet every other day to monitor his progress. Even through all of this, his tail just wags and wags.   Bomber’s vet bills will be quite high as we help him recover. Please consider donating toward his care. Any amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for caring!

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