Darwin’s Big Day!

Darwin got to go on a road trip and found his new home all in the same day! Jenny, one of our dedicated volunteers, agreed to take him to meet his new mom yesterday. Darwin’s mom would have been able to come to get him in a few days, but we wanted him to get his big break as soon as possible. This is just another example of doing whatever it takes to find homes for the homeless pets at our shelter.

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Saving Homeless Pets Isn’t Cheap!

Do you know some of the expenses involved in getting the average homeless pet into a rescue? Many rescues require the pet to be spayed or neutered before they will accept them. A general check-up along with tests for heartworms and a fecal test for dogs, and FeLV/FIV for cats is usually done. A rabies shot is usually required also. Add in the gas expense of transporting the pet as much as several hundred miles and you can see how quickly the cost runs up. It can take anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 or more per pet to save them. We think it’s worth every penny!

The only problem is, we often run out of money during the year and have to pick and choose who we can save. We would like to save them all. With your help we can save more than ever before. We’re setting an initial goal of $1000 to help with our rescues for the next month or 2. We’ll have to take a step back and see where we’re at after that. Won’t you please consider donating to help with rescue expenses? Thank you for caring!

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 My wife brought Winter home yesterday because she couldn’t stand to put her back in the kennel at the shelter. We have a foster home lined up for her, but she has to have a surgery first. Winter was found as a stray and is missing her left eye. The vet thinks it was ruptured at some point but healed. They think it would be best to remove what is left of the eye and sew the opening shut. This will keep it from getting infected down the road. Winter is extremely sweet, likes other dogs and cats, and absolutely loves people! She appears to be housetrained and is very content just to be in the same room as you. She’ll take any attention you give her, then will go lay down until you’re ready for her again. She’ll make someone a wonderful friend!

UPDATE ON WINTER!  Winter’s surgery is on hold!  Her eye doesn’t seem to be causing her any pain or problems right now.  Her vet doesn’t think it’s worth putting her though the pain and recovery of a surgery at this time.  She may still need it sometime in the future or she may never need it.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Foxy Rests After Undergoing Heartworm Treatment

Foxy resting peacefully while recuperating from heartworm treatment.

Foxy is a two year old Shepherd mix with a wonderfully sweet personality.  She is currently in one of our foster homes recovering from her first heartworm treatment.  She will need a second treatment in about four weeks. If you would like to help with Foxy’s care, please donate below.

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A Happy Home at Last!

  I wanted to forward this picture!  We adopted  “Velvet” from your shelter the first week of August.  We renamed her “Annie” as she was our red haired orphaned dog.   ”Velvet” was adopted by another family and then returned the next day “because she was a little on the needy side”.  We feel that we are so lucky!  Her need for attention and love is one of the many qualities we adore about her!   She was very timid and scared when she first arrived here.  It took her a few weeks to understand that she had a home.  She is one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever come across.  She has been such a blessing to us!  She is honestly the sweetest dog we have ever met!  We just cannot believe that she was a stray.  We have had so much fun trying to guess her story.  She still needs a lot of love and attention but we love that about her!  Have a wonderful holiday and know that you made the Kontor family complete! 

 Merry Christmas!  If any other Goldens come to you that are as sweet and gentle as her-please contact us!!

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Harry’s First Christmas in His Forever Home!

It’s pictures like this one that just warm your heart! We’ve done updates on Harry (Rusty when he was at our shelter) before, but we just had to share this one. Harry is an older guy that wasn’t in very good shape when we first saw him. He had skin and hair loss issues and problems with his eyes. He honestly didn’t have much of a chance to be adopted. Tracey, one of our volunteers, didn’t want his last days to be spent in a shelter without a family. She contacted rescues hoping to save him. Miracles do sometimes happen and Harry was taken in by Eileen and Young at Heart Pet Rescue. From there he was adopted into the wonderful home where this picture was taken. Thank you so much to everyone that has a part in making stories like this happen!

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Bryant Hunger sent a picture and gave us this update!

We adopted Dyno in the summer of ’09 and wanted to let everyone know that he is a spoiled and happy puppy who now has a recently adopted lab sister. We can’t thank you all enough for the great things you all do!

Now, for a little background on Dyno.

Some of you may remember Dyno from the shelter a year and a half ago. He was surrendered by his owners. He was frightened and confused, and didn’t know why he was left there. He was starting to show some aggressive behavior, and some of the staff and volunteers were a little afraid of him. They just didn’t understand him. Luckily, a couple of our volunteers who are familiar with Huskies took an interest in him. They visited him a couple of times at the shelter to work with him. Dyno took to them right away. He still wasn’t doing too well around anyone else and was in danger of being euthanized, so they offered to take him home as a foster. This was the big break Dyno needed! He really thrived in his foster home while they waited for just the right family to adopt him. His next home needed to be forever, so his foster parents made every effort to make sure any possible adopters understood the needs of a Husky. Thank you to Mick and Kendra for helping this guy out! Sometimes a pet just needs a little extra time to adjust or recuperate before they can go to their forever home. This is another example of how important fostering can be. We would like to thank all of our fosters for what they do and all who adopt knowing that pets (like people) aren’t always perfect and sometimes need a little work.

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Sophie Takin’ it Easy

Attached is a photo of my dog Sophie. I adopted her 2 years ago this month from the shelter. Best dog ever! Thanks!

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Sugar’s New Family!

Sugar's new family!

Here is Sugar with her new family!  They met her at our offsite adoption event at the Carmel/Westfield Petsmart on Saturday, October 9th and came to our shelter the next day to take her home.  Now that’s a happy picture!

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Join us on Sunday afternoon!

Join us any Sunday afternoon from 1-3 to help walk dogs. We walk every dog 1/2 mile so they get some good exercise and quality time. Our shelter is also open during this time for adoptions. Come meet your new best friend! We have plenty of wonderful cats to visit with too!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Thank you!

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